Welcome to the design department!

Our goal is to design large kitchens that fully meet the needs and wishes of our customers.
Experienced designers are ready to create functional and ergonomic kitchen solutions that maintain a very good workflow and ensure a great experience of taste pleasures.

Our 3D design approach enables:

* Investigate the dynamics of spaces and evaluate how different elements relate to each other
* Experience and understand every aspect of the project before it is implemented.
* Gives the customer an extremely accurate and realistic overview of their future large kitchens.
* Allows you to take a virtual tour of the designed kitchen.

State procurement and Unified BIM Requirements:

We are able to design and implement projects according to Unified BIM Requirements from sketch to working project (including implementation models)..
We have a thorough understanding of Unified BIM Requirements and standards and are able to carry out design work that meets their requirements.

The master plan of the Ülemiste Educational Complex:

Working drawing of the preparatory area of the Ülemiste Educational Complex:

Astra Teelem
Design engineer

Valeria Rõõm
Design engineer

Virtual tour in the Ülemiste Educational Complex